Business Challenge


Manufacturing continually has to reinvent best practices to protect margins. The task includes a constant evaluation of processes, productivity, fixed and variable costs and the value of modernization. Plants have invested in ERP, MES, SCADA, operations management and industrial automation systems and they have seen benefits from these investments. Yet, these same plants still cope with information blind spots, costly upgrades of proprietary technology and “siloed” data at both the operator and plant floor level.

Specific Challenges:

  • Equipment maintenance is only partially automated
  • Variances in equipment performance affect product quality, waste and margins
  • Identification of equipment problems falls largely to machine operators with limited measurement criteria for adherence
  • Limited ability to benchmark equipment performance.
  • Equipment repairs are MTTR based and expensive in terms of real costs, down time, lost productivity and disruption to plant floor operations
  • Proactive maintenance has proven to be expensive with variations by equipment
  • Investment in new capital equipment is not financially feasible
  • Performance data is siloed and does not have access to analytics or centralized data to prioritize the most critical conditions being monitored

In the past the only way to address these issues was through expensive customizations or significant new capital investment.  Previous solutions required manufacturers to cobble together varied hardware, software and communication products from multiple vendors to meet this comprehensive challenge or to forgo the technology all together. The resulting solutions have been less than robust. The management of this new technology from data collection to data transfer and analysis added layers of complexity and cost, the very thing manufacturers are trying to remove.

Implementations of these potential investments required agreement between finance, operations and IT on the value of measurement, as well as faith that the ROI would justify the additional investment in technology. This coordination of resources would be difficult in a cross functional organization but near impossible in a siloed hierarchical structure typical of most manufacturers. Additionally, the solutions required programming skills and extensive ongoing support.


IOTATOI delivers real time information that is the basis for optimal performance of equipment and critical to all other plant floor systems. Adoption of the IOTATOI solution will enhance your Business Value Framework by increasing the focus on financial and real time operating metrics. It will accelerate moving  from a “Transaction” driven approach to “Relationship” approach through:

  • Increased Product Quality
  • Decreased Cost/Expenses
  • Improved Asset Utilization
  • Improved Facilities/Asset Lifecycle
  • Improved Customer Lifecycle

The IOTATOI Monitoring Solution provides mission-critical data into key manufacturing relationships. Each of the five platinum ratios of manufacturing can be tracked by the system.

Platinum Ratios:

The Value of Platinum Ratios
The Value of Platinum Ratios
    • Maintenance: Repair
    • Raw Material: Discarded Material
    • True Energy: Consumption
    • Capacity: Demand
    • Training: Productivity

Management of these ratios provides the plant with the intelligence to develop or improve predictive maintenance capabilities.  This approach further enables the company to focus on the customer relationship and to provide measurable market differentiation such as lower cost, improved quality and shorter delivery times.

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