IOTATOI provides a comprehensive range of services to ensure that the installation and management of your monitoring solution provides all of the expected and stated benefits.


IOTATOI solutions are designed to adapt to a wide range of commercial environments; through experience we have learned that each installation may require some site specific adaptation beyond the standard vertical configurations we have already developed. Solution adjustments can be as simple as the selection and placement of sensors or as individual as the adaptation of company specific analytics.

All initial IOTATOI evaluations are conducted at no cost to our clients. The goal is to uncover data previously inaccessible and to put this data into a business context that will enable and accelerate profitable decision making.

The initial evaluation has one goal, to determine how the universal monitoring solution can add the most value. This is accomplished in three steps:

  • IOTATOI team members meet with operations and management personnel to identify critical areas that may benefit from the Universal Monitoring solution and prioritize these areas based on expected financial return. Personnel involved with the process are key members of the operations team, including plant management, maintenance leads, equipment operators, security, IT, Finance and Human Resources. This step provides insights into processes, equipment and financial metrics that will enable us to develop a phased deployment plan with schedules, a build of materials and a fixed cost proposal.
  • We gather current benchmarking data with the goal of creating a historical context for the decision making process moving forward.
  • We conduct follow up sessions with key stakeholders to review the proposal and to make any adjustments requested by the business leads. These meetings also serve to introduce project leads and formalize the goals.

The initial evaluation typically requires no more than three partial day sessions that can be scheduled based on the availability of key resources identified in the first meeting.


Sensor Placement:

While the technology is sophisticated our goal is to install in targeted rapid deployments with minimal disruption to your working environment while assuring value at each phase. We do this by determining both the most appropriate sensors and the most efficient placement during the evaluation. This approach allows for the verification of value as the volume of connections and the resulting information increases.  Installation typically follows one of two paths, a site deployment or a functional deployment. Site install is where a single process or piece of equipment is enabled with multiple sensors that cover a broad range of measurement criteria. A functional deployment would enable multiple sensors across a broader area, with a single measurement criterion.

Analytic Tuning:

IOTATOI’s practices prove that collection of data in itself does not deliver value. (just as gym membership can enable physical fitness but does not guarantee it…). The value to an organization is when data can be put into the context of business goals and used to resolve specific challenges. This process also enables the creation of specific views of the data that can be segmented by department and varied in terms of security, transparency and control.

It is also understood that condition-based analytics often need to be adjusted to account for the data’s unique relationship to your processes. Accounting for these unique relationships is the focus of the initial analytics evaluation.

IOTATOI also understands the need to track the effectiveness of the analytics over time and to potentially adjust the output to maximize the machines health and productivity at the lowest cost. The functional analytics are provided as part of the solution and IOATOI also offers a Trend Analysis Service that identifies long term trends over a period of months and years as a way of uncovering hidden condition relationships and their impact on the business.  The monitoring of additional equipment and processes may also create a need to review the data within a different framework and make adjustments over time as the solution deployment increases.

Middleware Revisions:

IOTATOI understands that once a customer’s data has been put into context it has to be made available to those employees that can leverage the information for relevant business decisions. To accomplish this goal, data needs to be made available to those who need it most regardless of departmental function or relevant system. A competitive manufacturer needs:

  • An open standards platform The ability to monitor individual equipment and sensors regardless of the data volume
  • Cost management through the transfer of information in real time and with full context awareness regardless of the application or domain
  • An easy to understand picture-driven interface

IOTATOI provides fully integrated middleware as part of the Universal Monitoring Solution. IOTATOI solutions are based on an open standards, event based communication layer that allows interoperability across heterogeneous devices and seamless integration with most software platforms. Our comprehensive approach creates plant floor flexibility by allowing you to add sensors regardless of manufacturer and to connect to enterprise or plant management systems already deployed. IOTATOI can easily parse, filter and format your device data to fit your manufacturing process requirements. It can also transmit prompts or commands through the serial port to control individual points within your deployed solution. Think of our middleware layer as an easily customizable serial I/O device driver.

IOTATOI uses an efficient DDE layer enabling message transmission without degrading performance, scalability or security.

  • 100% Accurate & Reliable Data is automatically transferred to any application with complete accuracy.
  • Advanced Parsing & Formatting IOTATOI includes data parsing capabilities so you only analyze the data that provides value, while formatting and filtering the data for specific users.
  • Configurable & Flexible Works across all industries with thousands of devices including serial and TCP/IP*. The solution adapts for most form factors including USB and Bluetooth virtual COM port devices.

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