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IOTATOI_LogoThe IOTATOI Monitoring Solution (IMS) provides a cost effective way to manage and coordinate all the disparate elements required for real time comprehensive monitoring from data gathering through operations management to analysis and data integration. The IMS extends your ability to both gather and act on the information generated by your plant equipment without adoption of a rip and replace approach. Think extension not implementation.

IOTATOI Delivers:

      • A low cost universal monitoring solution that seamlessly manages the data gathering process from condition monitoring through high level analytics
      • A proactive environment for operating and maintaining equipment by automating critical, labor intensive, low value tasks
      • Increased real time visibility into operational conditions before they become problems, with analytics that enable profitable and strategic decision making
      • Automated analytics designed to improve productivity, machine up time and improve financial performance

The IMS includes:Aislind_Drawing

Sensor Management– IOTATOI’s patented solution enables the seamless integration of any commercially available or proprietary sensors and meters regardless of the communication protocol. This field proven functionality makes the solution impartial to sensor or controller brand.

  • IOTATOI provides an array of internally developed sensors for the majority of core manufacturing conditions including temperature, humidity, pressure, motion, vibration, flow, liquid levels and IO.
  • IOTATOI can wirelessly enable any third party sensors, meters and controllers to collect and centralize operational data for the management of alerts, alarms and condition analysis complete with mechatronic response capability.

The Server– The IOTATOI server enables the gathering and centralized management of all sensor, controller and third party data.  A single server can communicate and coordinate more than 32 sensors from a distance up to 100 meters per instance. The server supports bi-directional management and parsing of data from multiple servers and locations. This capability allows for the coordination of all monitored conditions to be managed as a cohesive whole and for the data from multiple pieces of equipment or plants to be rolled up to a single monitoring location regardless of geographic location. This allows monitoring to move away from the traditional siloed point to point approach toward a fully integrated management of real time information.

Operational Metrics– IOTATOI provides a fully integrated, open standards platform enabling both the pass through of data to third party systems or the localized analysis and decision making within the IOTATOI solution. The middleware enables intelligent management of business processes by mapping the sensors through the IP beachhead to back end systems effectively linking your equipment to your business process. The development The middleware has the capability to manage:

  • Sensor/ Server connectivity
  • Platform Transparency
  • Location Transparency
  • Operational Events
  • Application Tool Support
  • Cause and Effect Relationships

Decision Analytics- The IOTATOI Solution manages all relevant data, regardless of the source, making the information actionable through predefined analytics and algorithms. The solution can generate alerts for human action or enable mechatronic based response. With the IMS, the state of the process generates predefined reactions within the production facility, making the analysis available to supporting systems, data from the manufacturing process can then be included within a broader-based decision strategy. This capability allows operations personnel to make all decisions in real time manually or automatically within the IOTATOI solution based on predefined guidelines and eliminates unsupported data.

Whether the manufacturing equipment is from the 1930’s or the new Millennium, The IMS can be adapted to protect and grow with your specific manufacturing process.



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